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Thoughtful little spoken word poem-video on  &  by Shane Koyczan. Worth the watch! 

MACKLEMORE & RYAN LEWIS feat Mary Lambert, “Same Love.”

Hip hop *finally* taking on   within its own genre. Such a good song.

"If I was gay, I would think hip-hop hates me"—one of the most powerful lyrics in hip hop, right there. Let’s hope the bright lights of the genre take notice of this track. 


Eddie Murphy goes undercover as a white man traveling the “two Americas.” This is such an anticipation of Dave Chappelle’s sketch comedy in this skit. Very funny and very tragic at the same time. “I watched lots of Dynasty.” Haha. 

If people are born gay, why hasn’t Darwinism weeded out people who don’t reproduce?

Ann Coulter (via leftybegone)

Well, Leftybegone, “Darwinism,” as the ever-vapid Ann Coulter calls it, does have many explanations for homosexuality in genetic terms, one of them being “kin selection,” i.e. they’re carriers of altruistic impulses. This is only one explanation, and it’s quite reductive, like all scientific explanations of sex and gender. But I’ll offer to illustrate one of many possible ways of answering the vapid Ann Coulter. Homosexual behaviour is common in species beyond the human, whether insects or mammals. Homosexuality, like all sexuality, is a form of relationship between two same-sex members of a group, which can increase cohesion and the chances of survival for a group. Now, you’ll ask, without offspring, how would their genetics travel? Well, kin, in some species, could have more offspring because of the presence of homosexual members in the group, taking up roles and functions that benefit the extended family, whether siblings, parents, etc. In other species, it might mean higher survival rates for family, ensuring what is called collateral lines of descent, whether the homosexual member has offspring or not. Their genetics are shared with kin. How would they altruistically assist? Freed from the obligations of offspring, they can take up additional functions within the group. Some sociobiologists even speculate that this could be the role of shamans, artists, and knowledge keepers in earlier forms of human life (see, for example, E.O. Wilson). 

Stop filling the internet with hate.  

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